Who is there?

This is an ode to my lovely worldwide hosts who are helping me feel at home! I’ll keep updating with new people as the character list continues…

Alicia.  My former NYC roommate, Middlebury friend, official breakfast buddy, and Australian host.  She’s also traveling with me to India and really pushing me to a new level of comfort with spicy food. She likes it hot.

Alexa and Andrew on the way to Wat Arun

Andrew and Alexa.

Alexa is my roommate from Middlebury, a best friend, and the only Octopus aficionado I know.  So that’s pretty cool.  I was so glad she invited me to Thailand.

Andrew teaches English in Bangkok, is a piano genius, a film maker, a blogger, a computer geek, a motorcycle master, and very humble.  He was one of my hosts in Thailand.  Check out his blog on my Links.

A Waterfall in Ko Samui and all the Thailand Ladies. Left to right: Elaine, me, Alexa, Aneta.

Alexa with her Aunt and cousin.  My part time family in Thailand.  The only person thing missing is Aneta’s cat, Socrates.  And Uncle Steve!

Margot.  A best friend from Middlebury and soon to be my Parisian companion.

She is the only person I know who enjoys food exponentially more if it is served in a bowl and, ideally, mashed into an unrecognizable state of blended meat-ketchup-mustard-corn fluff. I’m not sure what she’ll eat in Paris…

Loll in her element; laughing at Will in the Pub in Oxford (The Turf).

Loll is like my sister at Oxford.  During breaks she graciously brings me home with her, to hang out with her real sisters in Calstock, Cornwall.  Loll has forever changed my appreciation for bacon, Gerard Manly Hopkins poetry, Pret baguettes, suede shoes, renaissance painting, and that glorious rarity: sunshine.  Melissa Haywood makes the best scrambled eggs I’ve ever tasted, Cecily Haywood makes the best brownies I’ve ever licked from my fingers, and Nell Haywood can make more netball shots in a row than would ever have imagined possible.

Loll and Melissa. I'd say there is some family resemblance.

Olivia isn’t actually shiny… but she is very golden blond.  And she’s an actress. Get it? Star-shiny.  I stayed with Olivia for a week at The Priory, her house in “Essex-near-Suffolk” (her official description of the location).  She loves to mock my American accent and chat about Friends or Sex and the City–sadly I don’t know much about either of those shows.  Happily she is around to tell me all about being “American.”

The other blonde beauty in my life.  Sam “the special one” Buchdahl.  That is a football *soccer* reference in case (like me) you thought he might be a narcissist. A few things about Sam: he will HATE that I used the description “other” and he LOVES sausage, chelsea, kensington, rum, wine, whiskey… I think we can all see where this is going.


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