The BEST of everywhere.

Browse my list of wonderful things all over the world! I’m working on the list (so it should grow soon!) and a strategy for easy organization and searching. Until then, sorry they are just alphabetical by name.

Goat’s Cheese at Blue Ledge Farm

Middlebury, Vermont. Goat Cheese–try the pepper chevre and Lakes Edge. Visit the gallery, Hannah and Greg find time for painting even after farming and cheese making.

A night at Oberoi Amarvillas

Agra, India. The sun sinks over the glowing iconic outline of the Taj Mahal, literally just a few miles from your bedroom balcony.

Any Muffin at Otter Creek Bakery

Middlebury, Vermont. Peanut Butter Cookies, Rhubarb Muffins, a whole glass case of lovelies… and good bread if you don’t want sweet.

Ammaretto Sours at The Grand Cafe

Oxford, England. Happy hour every day from 7-11. Also try the Grand Tea (with champagne and chocolates) or their breakfast.

Bannana Cream Pie at Storm Cafe

Middlebury, Vermont.  This is the best bannana cream pie you will ever eat.  Except, maybe, at the Annapolis Farmer’s Market but let’s face it, the Amish are rarely defeated at baking because their butter ratio is just too good too be safe.  The Storm Cafe version, however, craftily adds white chocolate, a drizzle of caramel, and a dark choolate lattice. Classy.

Migas at Taco Taco

San Antonio, Texas.  Repeat: “Breakfast Taco.” Could anything sound better? Try the Migas with cheese.


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