Comfort cookies

From Selinsgrove, it was a 10 hour drive through the rain to Boston but very worth it.

Leslie's "Sunday Night Cookies" (I took the liberty of officially naming them... I wonder if she will like the name)

I bonded with Leslie over all of the most important things in life: eating brownies from the baking tray, squeezing raw cookie dough directly into one’s mouth, eschewing the use of coconut in baked goods.  In our first year of college Leslie baked every Sunday night.  It was a wonderful comfort, on the verge of the week, when you had way too much homework, and since we were all far from the comfort of our home couches, to be able to sit in front of the television, watch Grey’s anatomy and have Leslie serve us melting chocolate in all of its most delicious forms.  She makes brownies, chocolate gingerbread, peanut butter kiss cookies, and most famously, the best plane old chocolate chip cookies you have ever tasted.

Obviously, I can’t give away the recipe but here is a little photo journal of the process:

Alicia’s face gives it all away.  Now, we watch HBO sunday instead of Grey’s Anatomy (we matured so much in four years!) but the cookies are probably still the best part. Leslie claims they are just a cookbook recipe but no one else ever manages to recreate the exact soft, salty, tiny just-melted chocolate chip taste that Leslie pulls out of the oven.

f.y.i Leslie is starting her own cookie business. Soon everyone can have a batch of Sunday Night cookies, or another mix from a selection of 12 choose your own mix-ins, mailed directly to their house.  But, in a ugly possessive way I’m secretly a little glad that, given the mail delivery schedule, only Leslie’s original crew of Sunday sweet-toothers will still be able to eat the cookies fresh on an actual Sunday.  Right off the tray. Right in front of the television (as if we could focus on anything other than how many cookies are left on the tray).

As soon as she starts up the website it will be linked here for everyone to order!

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2 Responses to Comfort cookies

  1. Leslie says:

    Jackie, you are such a sweetheart, and I love the name for my chocolate chip cookies.

    • Anonymous says:

      Success! Hope all is well in Boston and let me know if you find any tasty things there. Take photos and then maybe you can post a little photo journal/blog as a guest reporter “from here.” I trust your taste.

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