Back in the U.S.A. and still “here:” Reunion beer and pretzels

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new.  I flew home and thought of starting a new blog.  After all, now I’m actually home and not just “reporting from here-is-anywhere.”  This weekend, however, I drove up the east coast for a break from the heat in DC and stayed with old friends at their homes!  Back on the road (and the blog) again.

Pennsylvania pretzel with some spicy mustard

Four tasting glasses

The first stop was Selinsgrove PA where Alexa (yes, from Thailand travels) is now finishing some training to be a vet.  She took me to the tiny Selin’s Grove Brewery.  The speciality here is carbs: beers, pretzels, sandwiches.  A perfect reunion spot. Roughly every day of our lives at college featured Alexa breaking out pretzel bags for late night snacks and studies and me trying new sandwich-making culinary genius (or disaster) at our beloved Middlebury Proctor dining hall panini machines.  I think the relevance of the beer as a tradition should be obvious.

The Selin’s Grove Brewing Co. has about 8 home-brewed beers on tap.  We tried Scottish Red Ale, Wit, Porter Shade Mountain Stout and Kriek.  The Wit, despite my high hopes because it has a “cute name,” which is really the extent of my ability to choose beer, was too fruity for us.  The best of the four was the Shade Mountain Porter, Alexa’s one recommendation that brought some coherence and knowledge to my otherwise random method of selection that she was polite to indulge.

Alexa was also right about the pretzels, they are good. Made better, I must add, by spicy MUSTARD, an ingredient Alexa earlier claimed to dislike on all foods but apparently didn’t realize was the same as the ‘stuff’ served with her beloved pretzels.  The same mustard was the winning ingredient, other than soft Brewery Bread on my bacon and Turkey sandwich.  Alexa tasted the sandwich, approved, and then asked, “what is that spicy Mayonnaise?” MUSTARD. It’s mustard. And it’s great.

As might be expected by anyone who knows Alexa in person or via the blog, after much deliberation about the possibility of ordering a bacon, ranch and avocado wrap concoction she settled on a Alexa standard not dissimilar to her favorite for breakfast at Farmer’s Diner, the chimichanga.  Some things never change.

Veggie chili, salsa, sour cream, Alexa's heaven.

Selin’s Grove Brewing Co.

121 North Market St.
Selinsgrove,Pa. 17870
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