Oh yeah, I was in Belgium. Eat the chocolate!

What is it about nice chocolates that make your heart race until you’ve ripped one open? Am I the only one that does this?  I read the card of flavors, inevitably get frustrated because I can’t decide what picture is what chocolate, and then stare at the dark ones trying to decide which one is least likely to have an offending fruit flavor like orange or coconut.  I soon tire of that too and pick out milk colored one that looks most likely to have caramel, peanut butter or nougat involved.  And it’s downhill from there…

Let’s face it, chocolates are just too pretty and perfecting. They are sit in their box, pristine and dainty, just teasing you with all their deep dark (or maybe nutty?) secrets.  What are they hiding under that smooth hard exterior?  I can’t take the suspense.  That is my excuse for eating them all…


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