A very belated Easter post… Who is that person in the family photo?

First, apologies for such late posts. It’s difficult to get Internet when traveling around France! I’m not lying!! The WeeeeFeeee (as they call it) is very elusive and probably, since it’s French, too good for me.

I arrived at James’s house on Saturday (a long, long time ago) and spent a nice day wandering Bury-St. Edmunds.  I had a mini, James version, of the Sam tour of London.  Instead of taking me on his route to school, for example, James took me to a café were he used to hang out when he cut class.  What a badass.  Of course, he then ordered a milkshake with little bits of candy in it.

James’s family is wonderful.  Evidence: they got me my own massive Easter egg, a Malteaster!  Beyond their chocolate generosity they are, simply, just incredibly enjoyable to hang out with, although I hold them fully responsible for my new unhealthy obsession with Dr. Who. Traveling far from home, I still got to have a family Easter weekend complete with movies, grandparents, family walks, and some really delicious dinners.  It just wasn’t actually with my family.

On my first night visiting we went out for dinner at Ravenwood Hall. It’s very pretty and, according to their website “steeped in over 500 years of history.” That’s a lot.  The menu is a fun mix between traditional things and more adventurous things.  James got, for example, Ox-tongue with truffle gnocchi.  That is badass. I started with a soft quail egg, truffle, and spinach, soup.  My main dish was perfect but really the restaurant was cheating because I love absolutely everything in it.  This course was just a ringer: lamb, sweet potato, and goat cheese “fondue.”  Sophie, James’s younger sister, ordered by far the prettiest things, like rhubarb with candyfloss for desert.  Now another apology: there are only two photos of the food! Something was happening with the light.  The camera settings I usually use for food didn’t work and most of the photos have strange blurs… This is where my amateur photography fails.

This is my lamb. But see- blury! Very sad.

Impressive candy floss (that's cotton candy in "American") in Sohpie's desert.

On the way to dinner James’s family casually joked about the too-friendly waiter they’d had during their last dinner at Ravenwood, at least a couple of years past.  Guess who met us at our table? And guess what he said? Samy remembered the family, commented on Sophie’s ‘new’ braces, and greeted them all like they’d been gone for about two weeks and he’d missed them when they didn’t attend last weekend’s regular dinner.  Sophie pointed out she’s had braces on her teeth for something like two or three years.  After a few glasses of wine we decided to document Samy’s endearing affection.

The whole family and Sammy!

James's Mom and Sammy. Haha.

Sophie and I, and our best friend Sammy!

After about the 20th photo, and when Sammy started taking them himself, we all started to lose some composure. Everyone is thinking "really, another angle?" and having some trouble smiling instead of laughing.

I’ve never really seen anything like Sammy.  It was great fun.  But really, how did he remember James’s family? Is it because we humored his games that he continued to be so excessively friendly? No one else in the restaurant was receiving quite the same special treatment. Really, did we need five different angles of photos from all around the table? Maybe he sensed James’s film-making sensibilities and wanted to get some safety shots.

Samy was a lovely, if sort of extra-entertaining waiter. The night was the first of a series of wonderful meals.  Actually, I should completely understand Samy’s love for the Moore family and I shouldn’t make a joke of his seemingly excessive familiarity.  The truth is, all weekend I pretended to be a member of the family too!

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