Ocean to Ocean across the Ocean. G’day.

Alicia is such a chef. I made the coffee... about all I can be trusted with.

Alicia is such a chef. I made the coffee... about all I can be trusted with.


Ah, a breeze and a coffee. A hot coffee. In Thailand I almost forgot coffee should be hot… the air was so hot.  But now I’m here on Alicia’s deck over Mosman Bay in Sydney. This is not Bangkok.

Breakfast is a big deal for Alicia and I.  When we lived in New York City we dragged ourselves out of bed every Saturday (yeah, after going out!) at 10AM in order to arrive at the upper west side Alice’s Tea Cup before the rest of the city and all its small children in pink got there for brunch. Young, pretty women celebrating bridal showers, or throwing their children’s 6year old birthdays mainly populate Alice’s. There are like two men, loyal boyfriends, in the whole joint. It is also poached egg heaven.  The eggs come on massive dense buttered scones—the American big cakey kind!  Genius.  Alicia gets the hot tea smoked ham Benedict and I get sautéed Spinach Benedict, we share the vanilla rose tea.  I actually feel so strongly about Alice’s, despite it’s mismatched cups, fairy wing wearing waitresses and walls painted with Alice in Wonderland quotations (wait, all of those things are awesome!) that when my friend Will made fun of it while we were eating there, I was mad at him for almost an hour. That may have been a little extreme.

Location is important to breakfast, a harbor, a wonderland, whatever, and so is your date! You can’t have breakfast with just anyone. It’s intimate.  It is! Your breakfast person is probably the first person you speak to all day, the person you trust will tell you if you’ve missed putting makeup on one eye, and the person you know will wait until after you’ve finished your first cup of coffee to actually begin conversation. Most importantly the breakfast buddy has to actually eat breakfast.  As Alicia likes to say, “one toast is the loneliest number.”  I searched long and far for my breakfast person and one day, across my coffee and blueberries with granola I knew Alicia was the one.  She just looked so lovely in her green dress complimented by the contrast of a yellow omelet.  I knew she was my sun-up soul mate when she wanted to order another coffee and share breakfast dessert, banana bread with butter.  Breakfast is a really important meal and if lunch gets dessert breaky deserves dessert too!  Readers, keep the faith, keep eating muffins, and you too will find your soul mate.

Ok enough breakfast rant. Thailand is still sizzling in my blood, I miss Alexa, Andrew, and the Kleins, but this new ‘home’ is freaking beautiful.  I’ve had breakfast.  We’re heading for the ferry…

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