Uncle Steve drove 8 hours to the Ferry.

I think that’s all I need to say.

I know, still not funny…

More funny? A little. Even in Thailand it is apparently impossible to escape the ghost of your thesis.  That is the cuttlefish ‘bone,’ not really a bone but an evolutionary pre-cursor.  Alexa was really excited when she found it waiting for us on the beach.  She read about a thousand scientific papers talking about these babies just a few weeks ago while she was researching octopuses.  Yes, they are connected and yes octopuses has an ‘s.’ And believe me (really, Alexa), that little white disk holds  fascinating secrets documented in countless complicated studies.  That’s all I know.

I shouldn’t make fun of her. My thesis was about The Waves.  Everyone got sick of hearing about Virginia Woolf after about the first two seconds we spent on the beach.  This is me, right here, resisting putting in a quote.  Where are all the literature majors?!

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One Response to Space.

  1. Alexa Warburton says:

    I’m reading all your blogs and missing you terribly! I want to take beach walks, chat all night long and eat street food again.

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