Thesis therapy.

Oh Noonies after noon, what a lovely afternoon!? I think I’ve been reading too many sonnets. Though, surely, Shakespeare does not use my favorite punctuation “!?”  That is what separates the geniuses from the children.

I finished my thesis before Christmas Break.  Thank god.  But my roommates, Steph and Alexa, are doing lab work and they are not yet finished.  After a long hard night of Octopuses (yes in science they use the ‘s’ plural) and Cow Ovarian Follicles (just yes), they girls really needed a little carb boost.  What better place than the home of 20 servings of grains: Noonies!

I’m spending my January term reading sonnets, so clearly I needed a carb break too.  Actually, I’d just been shopping for my upcoming trip to London.  But I love noonies SO much.  And  nothing makes you feel skinny like buying new clothes that look excellent.  The next logical place was cheese and bread!

Everyone has a special favorite at Noonies, many are willing to kill to defend that favorite.  I’m not good at limiting my options so I order something a little different every time I go, although ever since I had the Vermonter–chedar, apples, ham, honey mustard–I get the amazing honey mustard on anything and everything.  The most popular sandwich is probably the Purple’s Pleasure, called simply a “Purple’s” if you know your shit.  That one has avacado, turkey, cheddar, bacon, mayo.  I’m not sure why it’s purple….

Steph got the Purple’s but, sadly, I don’t have pictures to do a color study.  When I started to point my camera at it her eyes got a little panicked looking and I decided to just let her eat.  Steph and work stress are not friends. One of the things I love about Steph is how acutely she feels everything.  For example, once while I was talking to her she got a foot cramp and her eyes instantly turned dark, she sat up rigid and yelled, “AH” with a lot of force.  She has a real sense of moment to moment physical comfort and discomfort and the same goes for Steph’s mood and stress levels.  When she is unhappy about work it really shows in the color of her skin, the slant of her angry eyes and the tilt of her mouth.  She says, completely deadpan, “I really hate Middlebury sometimes,” or “I’m just done being a undergraduate.”

It’s nice to be able to take a break with the girls, to laugh for a second.  Honestly, it’s probably our last trip to Noonies as “undergraduate” students.  I guess there are still some things to love about that status.  But yeah, thesis work is the worst.

Sonnets on the other hand…

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