Eggs, hush puppies, chimichangas? Breakfast of… farmers… and Alexa.

There is nothing better than eggs and toast.  Wait, there is eggs IN toast.  Thank you to the benevolent gods of breakfast and to the Middlebury farmers who provided the ingredients for this delicious meal.

The Farmer’s Diner is a new part of my foodie life at Midd.  It opened while I was abroad and is an interesting concept for using Vermont’s unique blend of bountiful farmland and hippie residents.  All of the menu items are accompanied by descriptions of the local farmers who provide the ingredients.

It took me a while to make it to the Diner, I’m a sometimes a stubborn traditionalist and am definitely a fan of Middlebury’s delicious Steve’s Park Diner.  The Farmer’s Diner is also somewhat controversial among its customers, students I asked for news before making my own trip occasionally complained about the prices.  The costs are really no different than what is ‘normal’ for organic and local.  Others, including me when I went on my first visit, just made the mistake of ordering dishes that were a little uninspired.  I still wonder, why put something no different from what I might make at home on the menu?

My mistake order during my first visit was the simple result of messy food anxiety!  This is what I suffer from when I eat with people like professors, bosses, and cute boys. Before I really knew former-boyfriend-and-still-friend, Kyle, I went with him and his herd of scary bro-friends to the Farmer’s Diner for dinner.  I wanted to make sure I didn’t end up finishing a whole omelet in three bites and getting ketchup all over my face…  I ordered a safe grilled cheese and fries.  It was fine.  And I’ll add, because it’s only fair, that my friend Samantha really likes the Farmer’s grilled cheese.  She gets hers with ham.  Also, in case anyone was really worried, I’m happy to say my ordering anxiety, at least around Kyle, is long gone. For better or worse, Kyle recently referred to me as a ‘pig.’ I think he meant a sexy one… I can’t be sure.  I’m going to assume, considering that he once claimed my description of San Antonio’s famous ‘puffy tacos’–greasy, bubbly, cheesy, and completely worth the inevitable heart attack–sounded “hot,”  that pig is good?

Apologies for that mostly irrelevant tangent.  The shorter story is, Farmer’s Diner is pretty good and sometimes really, really good.  It’s nice to eat at a place that cooks directly from Vermont soil.  Personally, I have found my ordering niche in their breakfast choices.  There are local jams, well cooked eggs, unlimited coffee.  For those strange weirdos, (yes that needed two adjectives!) who don’t like breakfast foods, there are plenty of lunch/dinner choices that are more exciting than grilled cheese. Alexa and I really struck gold on our last visit: deep fried corn, bright runny eggs for me, spiced potatoes, and a crunchy chimichanga-like burrito hybrid known as the “Vermexico” for her breakfast dismissing-weirdo tastes.   That’s the other good reason to eat at the diner, all of the cute names for everything.  You could get a “Blushing Goat,” a “Squealing Pig,” the “Hen in the Hole” and loads of other adorably active animals.  And you can feel good about eating these critters; they all came from just miles away!

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3 Responses to Eggs, hush puppies, chimichangas? Breakfast of… farmers… and Alexa.

  1. Can you provide more information on this? best regards

    • jattwood says:


      I’m a little new at blogging so I apologize for such a late response. It’s embarrassing that I wasn’t sure how to check all of my comments! Do you still want more information?


  2. I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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